Ariadne ("Adne")






Curly mahogany






Monroe (father), Diana (mother), Renier (half-brother)



Ariadne, or "Adne" for short, first appears in Wolfsbane. Calla is at first jealous of the interest in Shay Adne displays, but Shay later alleviates her worries by reassuring her that he isn't interested in Adne. Connor is her best friend (and bane of eistence), and they finally become a couple in Bloodrose.

History Edit

After the Harrowing, when the Searcher/Guardian pact to defeat the Keepers failed, and Corrine was killed for her betrayal, Monroe fell into a self-destructive period of mourning, including heavy drinking and suicidal recklessness.

This stopped when another Searcher, Diana, managed to get him out of his slump. There was a spark between them and they began a relationship. Then Adne came along. Alas, when she was still young, her mother died on a mission when she fell into the fatal embrace of a wraith.

Relationships Edit


Adne first meets Connor when she is eleven. (He was sixteen at the time.) As Connor helps her cope with her mother's death, the two become close friends. Eventually they each develop a crush on each other, and they frequently trade barbs. (Adne is often the subject of Connor's sexual remarks/jokes.) Calla notices the romantic tension between them and confronts Adne about it; Adne denies that anything was going on between them, but Calla doesn't believe her. She also admits that she and Connor kissed after she lost a bet to Silas. In Bloodrose, when Adne catches Connor jotting down notes, he tells her that Silas would have done the same; touched, she kisses him on the lips, to which Connor responds by kissing her back passionately. By the end of the book, the two are a couple.


Adne calls Monroe by his first name. Though she may not always agree with him, she loves him and is devastated when he is killed. Upon reading the letter Monroe gave her, Adne asks for Calla's help in fulfilling his last request: to save her half-brother.


Adne first meets her older half-brother when she convinces Calla to help her get him back, as per her father's last request to her. They quickly grow close, and Ren is intrigued that his new sister calls Calla "Lily" like he does, and he becomes protective of her, particularly when Connor hits on her.