Calla Tor nightshade recenzia.jpg Nightshade Pack

Calla Tor- The Alpha of the nighshades and soon-to-be bride of Ren. She saves Shay from a bear attack in the woods and later falls in love with him. She never cries when someone else is watching. Calla has blonde hair and is often described as beautiful by Lumine. She is torn between Ren and Shay.

Bryn- Calla's Beta. Is involed in a relationship with Ansel(Calla's brother) Described as lightning fast in wolf form. Has bronze ringlets.

Ansel- Calla's brother. Has been in love with Bryn since he was little. Has a very close relationship with Calla.

Fey- Describe as needing a straightjacket when dealing with Sabine. Has a good relationship with Ren's Beta, Dax. They are possibly dating.

Mason- Goofy and lighthearted. If sort of the clown of the pack.

Bane Pack

Ren- The Alpha of the bane pack. In love with Calla. He's very jelous of Shay's relationship with Calla. Mentioned to have dated a lot of girls in their school, most of which were cheerleaders.

Dax- He is Ren's Beta. Dax has a hot head and is the best fighter in his pack, like Fey, which is possibly what drew them together. They also have similar temperments.

Cosette- Timid and shy. Stays close to Sabine

Sabine- protective of Cosette, to the point of sacrificing herself.