Bright (assumed to be blonde)


Early Twenties


Circle Member


Eira (sister)

Unnamed father (deceased) Unnamed mother (deceased)

First Appearance:


Cian was part of the Circle in "Rift"; Cian and her sister represented the War section of the Circle. Cian was the younger and more calmer of the two. Her and her sister are often called "the weird sisters."

She is also the woman who gives Shay the pieces of the Elemental Cross in the Nightshade trilogy.

Rift Edit

Cian is first introduced with her sister Eira, it is presumed that they both just out of a meeting with the abbot since they are shedding their dresses for pants and such.

Cian and Eira both appear when Ember is being told the rules and such for the test to see where she belongs at Conatus.

Cian gets speared and shot at by a Hobgoblin during Bosque Mar's attack. He then heals her to prove to her sister Eira that she needs him. Cian, however, has no memory of this and is unaware that it even happened. At the end of Rift it is revealed that she is taking a stand against Eira along with fellow Circle members Thomas and Ewan and people who aren't corrupted by Eira's promises.