Bright (most likely blonde)




Cian (sister)

Unnamed Father (deceased)

Unnamed Mother (deceased)

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Eira is Cian's sister. She was a part of the Circle before meeting Bosque Mar and being corrupted. She was the first Keeper.

Rift Edit

Eira is first shown with her sister Cian they are most likely coming from a meeting with the abbot considering their shedding of their womanly clothes. She talks the the warlock prisoner and he tells her to go talk to her master and that it can only be her to do so.

Before that she talks to the abbot, who only tolerates her being on the Guard. He complains and makes them pay the Church two more times in a year because of the female warriors on the guard.

After awhile she complies and goes out, slices open her palm and calls forth... Bosque Mar. He heals her palm and talks to her saying that it was only a warning or a test. She says she doesn't need him which he argues, and he asks her if he could show her something. She agrees and he takes her through a form of transportation similar to Weaving to the abbots house. They go there to teach the abbot a lesson since he talked to her earlier regarding the females in the guard. The horse Bosque road in on turns out to be a wraith and it begins to attack the abbot. Eira lets the abbot suffer longer feeling the power and triumph of watching one suffer.

During the attack with the redcaps and the Hobgoblins, she calls upon Bosque to heal Cian who was speared. This proves Bosque's point that she needed him. From then on she calls upon him a lot and drags in Alastair as her right hand man.

They plan a wraith attack on a village to try and get the Circle to take action. She seals a blood oath with Bosque and sacrifices Sorcha to complete it. She recruits people to join her cause and promises Alastair something, that something being Ember.

Sawyer, one of the abbots servants, escaped and came to Conatus to inform the one's who aren't corrupted by Eira, that she's in allegiance with the demon Bosque Mar.

Rise Edit

Eira's power is spreading, loyal servants attack their own friends in fear of them betraying their precious ruler. Alistair is still loyal, even though he's disappointed that Ember did not go to him like Eira promised.