Logan Bane


Logan Bane






Efron Bane (father)

Marise Bane (mother)

Bosque Mar (grandfather)

Logan Bane is a young Keeper, who is being given control of the Haldis Pack as a trial. He is cold hearted and treats The Guardians as lower than he is, as he rules them. He is the only son of Efron Bane

He is also gay, which in their society, is seen as bad by all the elders, although not by the younger generation.


He is said to have a 'crown of spiked up golden hair', and wears sunglasses whatever the weather. Most of the time he has a cigarette.


He is shown to be cold hearted, and will not think twice before hurting people who disobey him, for example, when Mr. Selby, a teacher, mysteriously suffered a seizure when talking about a forbidden topic.


His father is Efron Bane, The Keeper of the Bane pack, and his mother is Marise Bane, Bosque Mar's granddaughter.

His relationship with his father was not a good one. He was only born to continue the bloodline. He often thought of himself as a nuisance.

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