Marise Bane is Bosque Mar's granddaughter and Efron Bane's wife. She died giving birth to her only son Logan.

History Edit

In the beginning, Marise's grandfather, Bosque Mar, had plans for his granddaughter's future. As she was able to trace her lineage back to Eira, matriarch of the Keepers, Bosque demanded that she have children to carry on his legacy on Earth. In Keeper hierarchy, Bosque picked the suitable time for a Keeper to marry, and also picked the mate he found suitable. After a while, Marise fell in love with another descendant of Eira who lived in Vail--Lumine Nightshade. Unwilling to tolerate their relationship, Bosque ordered that they never be allowed to see each other again. Marise decided that the only way to make Bosque regret his actions was to hurt him in the most painful way possible, which was to elope before he could marry her off. She did so with Efron LaSalle, a literal gold-digging card player in one of the Colorado mining camps. By the time Bosque found out about their relationship, Marise was already carrying Efron's child. Bosque would have ridded his house of the undesirable rogue a long time ago, as Efron bore no resemblance to the type of mate Bosque would have picked for his granddaughter, but the fact that she was already pregnant kept Bosque from doing so. Marise's vengeance against her grandfather cut deeper when she died giving birth to her son, leaving Efron, now a Keeper, alone to raise the heir to Bosque's power.