Ren Laroche


Renier 'Ren' Laroche




Alpha male


Haldis (Previously Bane)


Logan Bane (Previously Efron Bane)

Hair Colour

Dark Charcoal

Eye Color

Charcoal with silver streaks

Skin Color

A tanish shade

Fur Color

Dark Charcoal with silver streaks


Deceased (Bloodrose)

Around (Snakeroot)

Renier "Ren" Laroche is the arrogant, yet warm-hearted Alpha of the new Haldis Pack, and also the so-called son of Emile Laroche, the Alpha of the Bane Pack. It is later revealed Emile is not his father after all, and that Ren's real father is The Searcher, Monroe, who fell in love with Corrine Laroche.

He is easily provoked to defending his honour and is not used to anyone questioning his authority.

Ren is in love with Calla Tor, but hides his insecurities of Calla behind his facade. He also have bad "habits" of dating/playing with girls. As Calla said in Nightshade, "Serves you right Romeo. *makes a hand gun* If you weren't Emile's son, your pelt would already be on the fireplace of a father of some heartbroken girl."


Corinne Laroche

Corrine was Ren's mother and the lover of Monroe. As the punishment for her betrayal of allying with the Searchers, the Keepers  gave her to a Wraith.


Monroe is Ren's real father, who became the lover of Corrine Laroche and impregnated her. Ren knew Monroe only as a Searcher, and was tricked by Emile into thinking Monroe killed Corrine, but Emile killed Monroe.


Ariadne, or Adne as she prefers, is Ren's younger half-sister, sharing the same father. After they meet, they became close.


Calla TorEdit

He has a rocky relationship with Calla, built on the foundations that they are 'destined' to marry. He is in love with her, although has a very sly and cocky way of showing it. He is jealous of Calla's relationship with Seamus Doran .


He is mentioned hanging out with Sabine a lot, and although she shows an interest in him, he only seems to see her as a loyal pack-mate and friend, although he is protective of her, as shown at his loathing of Emile, who takes advantage of Sabine.