Seamus Doran


Seamus 'Shay' Doran


Guardian (Previously Human)


None (Although turned by Calla)




Brown with tinge of gold



Seamus "Shay"  Doran was attacked by a bear and almost killed, but Calla Tor saved him while she and Bryn were out on patrol. He then transferred to Calla's school, and the trouble started as it was obvious he was attracted to her. He finds out at the end of Nightshade that he is The Scion, prophesied to free the Guardians from the Keepers, placing him in a life threatening situation.


Seamus Doran has messy brown hair with a tint of gold which falls into his face often. His eye color is once called "winter moss," a cross between grey and green. He has tawny skin and, like Ren Laroche , he is very muscular. In his wolf form, his hair color and eye color are essentially the same.


Calla TorEdit

He gets on well with Calla after he finds out she is a Guardian as she saved his life. He falls for her, even though he knows she belongs to Ren. He cares for her deeply. In Nightshade, he becomes a wolf by Calla turning him so that he could save her from dying by a gigantic spider, specifically a brown recluse (dissolves flesh, nasty!). Calla and Shay fall in love deeply, while she may love Ren, their love was undeniable and stronger. Shay would lay down his life for Calla and is loyal to her. Shay is able to make Calla laugh happily. He makes her feel free and "giddy." Calla likes Shay's scent, always something naturey (it's usually autumn leaves and something else). Everytime Calla closed her eyes after being with Ren, she would see Shay's face. Calla called Shay's kisses softer, kinder, and "more addictive" than Ren's.

Ren LarocheEdit

He is jealous of Ren, mainly due to the fact that Calla has submitted to the fact she must marry him, and does not see anything wrong with it. Both Ren and Shay are in a battle for Calla's affections, and are both jealous of each other. 


Mason and Shay have an okay relationship. They seem to be alright friends.


Shay is close with Calla's younger brother, even getting him to tell the truth by asking questions like with Calla. Ansel invites Shay out sometimes, the two seem to get along.