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Keepers are one of the two types of beings originating from the Old Ones. They are not human, rather a Keeper is a Witch who manipulates dark magic under the rule of a Nether Demon (Bosque Mar). According to Guardian lore, Keepers are older than humanity itself. In the beginning, there were the Old Ones (all were Keepers) but once God created humans the Keepers split into two distinct groups. Keepers remained Keepers, as they believed it was their duty to protect humans, and The Searchers, who believed they should not have to do anything for the humans, and want to conquer humankind and make humans their slaves. However, according to The Searchers, these historical records are lies made up to keep the Guardians on the Keepers side. The Keepers effectively rule over the Guardians. Each pack (of Guardians) has a Keeper - who they are ultimately and unquestionably loyal to. If this loyalty is broken or questioned in any way, severe punishment may (and will) follow.

The Creation of the GuardiansEdit

"Legend has it that the first Guardian was created by a Keeper who had fallen in battle. The wounded Keeper hid in the forest, terribly weak, close to death. But a wolf appeared and brought the Keeper food, kept the other predators of the forest away. The Keeper was able to bind his wounds while the wolf continued to provide sustenance. When the Keeper healed, he offered to transform the wolf into a Guardian. Part human, part beast, full of Old Magic.

In exchange for the wolf’s loyalty and eternal service, the Keeper would always provide for the Guardians and their kin. That was the first Guardian; we’ve been the Keepers’ warriors ever since." - Calla Tor explaining to Seamus Doran (Shay) the creation of the Guardians.

Role of The KeepersEdit

The Keepers are effectively the supreme rulers of The Guardians, and their word is the ultimate law. There is one Keeper for every pack; each member of the pack answers only to said Keeper. The Law is enforced harshly, and Guardians may be subjected to torture by Wraith, or death, for breaking it.

Known KeepersEdit

Lumine Nightshade

Efron Bane

Logan Bane