Hey, its Crimsoncordial here! (Heh.)

I seem to be the only one editing this wikia site, and I seriously need help!

I didn't even find this book as amazing, and I kinda zoned out at the end,so i decided to find its Wikia page and read the actual sypnosis, only to find out it did not exist!

Well, it existed, but it only had 3 pages, two of which were black, and the one that has text? Well, I would prefer not to talk about it.... I've added all the seperate Character pages, and added info on all the other pages (except for the Character page, which I think I am going to leave in the dust...)

And I'm not even an admin! (Who is the admin, and why have you deserted your Wikia!)

I seriously don't know why I am bothering, but I just want to know that one day someone like me will zone out at the end of the book, try to find the wikia page, and will come across an awesome, indepth description of what happens!

So, help anyone?

Thank You!